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Managing director Federica Suess can be seen in the picture.

Für Nachhaltigkeitsmanager*innen


Sustainability consultingfor medium-sized companies

We take you by the hand and develop pragmatic concepts that meaningfully incorporate sustainability and human rights into your company. integrate.  

Who we support

A women who represents human rights managers in companies.
Are you a human rights officer?

Are you looking for solutions that will inspire colleagues in the company about the issue of human rights and improve labor and environmental standards among suppliers?

Are you a quality manager, sustainability manager or managing director of a medium-sized company?

Are you looking for pragmatic concepts that satisfy customer needs and at the same time meaningfully integrate sustainability and human rights into your business processes?

We work with you to develop holistic concepts that satisfy customer needs in the long term and position your company successfully on the market. Through our clear process you can gradually implement sustainability and human rights. Our guidelines make sustainability work simple and understandable.

A group of employees who exchange ideas and work on something.

In our practical approach, we focus on the realities and cultures of employees and are aware of the possibilities and limitations in improving work standards.




Hello, I'm Federica Suess, founder of ETIKA.

For more than 10 years, I have been working on simplifying the topics of sustainability and human rights for companies and sensibly integrating them into corporate processes.

Together with managing directors, sustainability managers, quality managers and procurement teams, we develop solutions that strengthen supplier management, improve market position, satisfy customer needs and bring company values to life.

We work with companies that have no interest in greenwashing, but see sustainability as an essential part of the company's success.

When creating concepts, it is important to us that you meet customer and legal requirements and at the same time find your individual path to more sustainability in the company.

You trust us

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Guideline to select suppliers based on sustainability criteria
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What customers say about us

"Dear Federica, thank you very much for this great training. It was very exciting and captivating until the last minute and we learned, practiced and discussed a lot. Very valuable input for our future social audit practice."

Sarah Kruener
Process Development Supplier Quality, Stihl


Ready to meaningfully integrate sustainability and enforce human rights?


Managing director Federca Suess holds a cell phone in her hand.
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