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With this training you will strengthen your knowledge of human rights & Working standards so that you can support other departments in the company as an expert. You refresh your knowledge of the ILO core labor standards so that you  Find appropriate solutions/remedies for violations.

Benefits of training

  • You will find a suitable solution to problems in the supply chain and support purchasing and management as an expert

  • You can explain the connection between ILO core labor standards, code of conduct and national legislation and strengthen your position in the company 

  • You feel more confident checking work standards on site or discussing points in the code of conduct with suppliers.

Features of e-learning training

Flexible processing of online modules within 4 weeks

Practicing on practical case studies

Certificate of participation after completing the modules

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Course of the training

The e-learning training consists of 6 modules and covers all central international working standards. The training lasts approximately 4 hours in total.

Module 1: No child labor

Module 2: No forced labor

Module 3: Fair Wages & Reasonable working hours

Module 4: Equal Treatment & No discrimination

Module 5: Freedom of Association & Right to collective bargaining

Module 6: Health & Occupational safety

Conception of the training

Federica Suess has 10 years of training experience.

She moderated around 75 buyer workshops, designed several training courses for the SGS Academy and taught a total of 250 participants on human rights & Working standards trained.

She is a trained social auditor and long-time trainer.
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