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Excerpt from our last newsletter

3 tips on how sustainability managers can set up effective LKSG training courses:

1. Define good learning goals
Good learning objectives include verbs like "list, explain, identify" rather than words like "understand" and "know."

2. Make the learning experience the best it can be

Active involvement of learners and multisensory stimulation. Orientation towards “gerhin-appropriate” learning.

3. Choose the appropriate format

The learning objective determines the format. If participants only want to reproduce content, learning videos are sufficient. If participants are to assess whether cases are compliant or non-compliant, other formats are suitable.




Hello, I'm Federica Suess, founder of ETIKA.

For more than 10 years, I have been working on simplifying the topics of sustainability and human rights for companies and sensibly integrating them into corporate processes.

Together with managing directors, sustainability managers, quality managers and procurement teams, we develop solutions that strengthen supplier management, improve market position, satisfy customer needs and bring company values to life.

We work with companies that have no interest in greenwashing, but see sustainability as an essential part of the company's success.


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