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Our training courses support human rights officers in implementing the requirements of the LkSG regarding training and in building awareness and skills among employees and suppliers.

Our training offer

Purchasing training

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Training “Human Rights & Labor Standards” for buyers

This training will give you responsibility for enforcing human rightscwide to the purchasing department.


Buyers receive the basic knowledge they need to communicate their expectations regarding human rights to suppliers, to better classify situations and to check points on site with suppliers.

Human rights training

third training (individuals) (further training human rights).png

Further training “Human Rights & Labor Standards” for sustainability managers

With this online training you will strengthen your knowledge of human rights & Working standards so that you can support other departments in the company as an expert. You will refresh your knowledge of the ILO core labor standards so that you can confidently carry out internal training.

FORMAT: E-learning

PRICE: 420 EUR (net)

Tailored training


Tailored training for your company

Together with you, we create tailored training courses for the desired target groups. These can be buyers, suppliers or the entire workforce.

We decide together which content and formats are most effective.We currently offer e-learning, blended learning and face-to-face training.

It's best to write to us so that we can exchange ideas.

You trust us

Guideline to select suppliers based on sustainability criteria

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What customers say about us

"Dear Federica, thank you very much for this great training. It was very exciting and captivating until the last minute and we learned, practiced and discussed a lot. Very valuable input for our future social audit practice."

Sarah Kruener
Process Development Supplier Quality, Stihl


Ready to meaningfully integrate sustainability and enforce human rights?


Managing director Federca Suess holds a cell phone in her hand.
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