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CSR Consulting, Hamburg, Germany

Helping companies live up to their Corporate Social Responsibility

Etika was founded by Federica Suess and Veronica Rubio in January 2021 and was born out of the desire to simplify Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
ETIKA offers practical and easy to implement CSR-scripts, strategies, guidelines and training resources.

ETIKA has worked with organizations from the food, tools, packaging, home supplies and textile sector.

We cover all aspects of CSR, but are mainly focused on helping companies respect human rights and labor standards in the supply chain.

Federica Suess, CSR Consultant from Hamburg, Germany
CSR Online Self Paced Course

Human Rights & Labor Standards Trainings

Empower key departments to respect human rights
Our trainings and workshops focus on transmitting knowledge and skills to buyers and CSR-Managers to handle human rights and labor standards in daily practices with confidence and more ease.

Our flagship expert training human rights and labor standards equips buyers with the necessary skills, to communicate code of conduct principles confidently and to react appropriately to labor right violations.

Practical CSR Resources

More fun and ease in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our hands-on webinars, guidelines and summaries make CSR-life easier, fun and more successful.
An example is our human rights glossary that explains key terms in simple terms.

Another example is our Brief Guide to Selecting Suppliers that pinpoints the criteria companies can consider when choosing new suppliers.
CSR Resources for CSR Managers and Buyers
Hamburg, Germany CSR Consultant
CSR Strategies
Tackle CSR with professionalism.
Sustainability can feel overwhelming. Where should companies start? Where to stop? What measures should they take?
We support companies in finding their own way in sustainability by co-designing CSR-strategies or co-developing individual tools and trainings.
We can support with these topics:
  • CSR-Strategy
  • Human Rights Due Diligence
  • Certifications & Social Audits
  • CSR-Communications
Sarah Kruner CSR Consultancy Services Testimonial

"Dear Federica, thank you for this great training. It was very exciting and engaging up to the very last minute and we learned, practiced and discussed a lot. Very valuable input for our future audit practice."

Sarah Kruner
Process Development Supplier Quality, Stihl

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