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Through this online training, buyers develop a better awareness of the points in the code of conduct and what expectations are placed on suppliers.


You will receive the necessary basic knowledge to communicate expectations of suppliers, to better classify situations and to check points on site with suppliers.

Benefits of training

  • Buyers can explain the international requirements on which the points in the code of conduct are based and can better communicate the requirements to suppliers and answer queries.

  • Buyers have an understanding of which situations are compliant with the Code of Conduct and which are not and how to resolve them.

  • Buyers receive the basic knowledge they need to check working standards on site at suppliers

Features of the training

Flexible processing of online modules

Accompaniment by a specialist

Available in multiple languages

Contents of the training

The online modules cover the following international core principles:

  • No child labor or forced labor

  • Fair wages and decent working hours

  • Equal treatment & Non-discrimination

  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

  • Health and occupational safety (in progress)

In the training we create awareness of the importance of the principles, how do they explain? internationally recognized requirements for the principles and give examples of how suppliers can implement them.


Implement points from the LKSG sensibly

The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) requires companies to carry out training under Article 6. We believe that not all employees need to be trained. However, purchasing is a very important department where training can have a big impact.

After completing the training modules, participants receive a confirmation of participation, which they can attach to the annual reporting for the German Supply Chain Act.


Copy of Copy of Etika CoC Course Certificate of Completion (1).png

Course of the training

The training consists of 3 live workshops and 5 online modules that can be completed at your own pace on the ETIKA learning platform. A practical workshop will be provided for participants to work with.




Copy of GERMAN Etika Code of Conduct Online Course Workbook (5).png
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Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 17.02.49.png

3 live workshops

5 online modules on the learning platform

Practical workbook

Cost:420 EUR (net) per person

Interested in demo access?

You are welcome to write to us to receive demo access to the online modules. This way you can get an idea of the learning environment and the content and decide whether the training is what you are looking for.


I have been working on improving work standards for 10 years and have led over 150 workshops. I noticed that buyers regularly send codes of conduct to their suppliers without really knowing much about the content.

Essentially, a document is sent out that no one actually reads.

Buyers are not always sufficiently trained to convey principles such as child or forced labor to suppliers, and they are often not yet able to confidently address labor rights or human rights violations.

This observation as well as the legal context surrounding human rights in Germany and the EU led to the development of this training.

I am convinced that we can achieve impactful improvements through a more aware and better-equipped purchasing team.

I look forward to seeing more empowered and autonomous purchasing teams and am convinced that this will have a positive impact on working conditions and human rights compliance at supplier level.
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