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Insights from our last CSR MONTHLY Newsletter

In our last CSR-Monthly Newsletter, we discussed the following questions:

- What role do social audits play in the German Supply Chain Act?

- How can companies use social audits in practice?

Some of our take-aways were:

✅ The German Supply Chain Act requires companies to implement "control measures" to verify that human rights are respected

✅ Social Audits can be considered "control mechanism" and therefore can support us in verifying that human rights are respected

✅ Companies can use Social Audits to verify that human rights are respected in their own company and also at their suppliers



Etika was born out of the desire to simplify Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for companies.


Our mission consists of the following 3 actions:


  • We co-develop practical and implementable strategies with our clients

  • We provide resources that simplify the lives of CSR-managers


  • We train purchasing teams and provide knowledge so that companies can find more clarity and certainty ​