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Interactive LIVE Webinar:
"How to engage buyers with human rights?"

WHEN? Thursday, November 10th

WHERE? Online (Zoom)

Buyers are essential to improve labor standards and respect human rights. They hold the relationship with the supplier, and they make the financial decisions to order products.


But often, as CSR-managers, we struggle to get them on board with human rights. Codes of Conducts are mostly not understood well by buyers. Human rights and labor standards are sometimes seen as a pain rather than an important topic to tackle.

Tips and Actions to engage buyers

In this 45-min. interactive Live Webinar, we share tips and discuss actions that CSR-managers can take to engage buyers in human rights and labor standards.


We will discuss:

  • Why buyers might not be on board with human rights

  • What actions can we take to change that

  • How an engagement plan can help to get buyers on board

What will you get out of the webinar?

  • By understand the obstacles that buyers face when it comes to human rights, you will be more conscious in your actions and language and ultimately it will feel like you are more on the same boat


  • We will share 4 concrete actions that you can apply that will support you in shaping buyers’ attitude towards human rights and labor standards


  • Next to the 4 concrete actions, we will share personal characteristics that will guide you to strengthen the relationship with buyers

CSR Consultant
The presenters

Federica Suess, Co-Founder of ETIKA

  • 10 years CSR-experience

  • Social Auditor

  • Conducted over 25 workshop with buying teams

  • Trained around 200 people on human rights and labor standards in the past 3 years

  • Developed various courses for the SGS Academy

foto etika.jpg

Sara Cunha, Founder of In Pact

  • +10 years of CSR-experience

  • Environmental engineer | MSc Design for Sustainability | MSc CSR Management

  • Key competences: CSR |Sustainable Procurement |Corporate Due Diligence| Human Rights Due Diligence

  • Certifications:  GRI | CSR Auditing - CPI Lead Auditor

Contact & Registration

Contact us at:

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