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Human Rights & Labor Standards- Expert Course for Procurement Managers

With this expert training, you transfer valuable knowledge of international labour standards and their application in practice to your purchasing department. The course is suitable for companies that want to be a leader in the field of human rights and labour standards.


Purchasing has the most profound impact on the protection of human rights. With this course, you allow buyers to develop their full potential by confidently communicating the points in the Code of Conduct to suppliers and by being able to react appropriately to violations of human rights and labor standards.

Who the Course is for:

The Course is designed for companies that want to be leaders in the field of social responsibility and that want to exploit the full potential of purchasing in improving labor standards.

Content of the Course:

  • Requirements of international labor standards (no child labor, no forced labor, right to freedom of association, wages and working hours and equal treatment)


  • Application of international labor standards to practical cases


  • Expectations towards suppliers


The course includes a 20-page workbook that summarizes all the important concepts and definitions.


"I feel now more confident about the principles in our supplier code of conduct. The training was a nice change to our daily procurement topics."

"Through the training, I now understand topics in our supplier code of conduct, such as child and forced labor, fair wages, equal treatment etc. much better and my awareness for them is greater."

"Through the training I not only learned standard requirements for labor standards, but also something useful for life".

"I really liked the clear structure of the training. Also the mix of videos, text, and practical cases and independent work through the platform were useful for me."

STIHL Procurement Team Members


Costs & Format

The course is pre-made and can be ordered right away.


Buyers will receive an email and then have a two-weeks access to our learning platform where the course can be completed.

It will take around 8 hours to complete the course.

Once completed the participants will receive a certificate of completion.

The fee of the course is 350 EUR excl. VAT per participant.

Conception of Course:

Federica Suess is a trained social auditor and has 10 years of CSR experience.


In 2013, she started as a sustainability manager for the company DEPOT in Frankfurt, then worked as a product manager CSR for the auditing company SGS in Hamburg and founded ETIKA together with Veronica Rubio in January 2021.


During her time at SGS, she has developed 4 CSR courses offered through SGS Academy. In your first job at DEPOT, her task was to establish international labor standards among DEPOT-suppliers.


She worked closely with purchasing and already understood at the time how important it is to get purchasing on board for sustainability issues.


In her last customer assignment, Federica Suess moderated over 30 purchasing workshops. In doing so, she once again became once again aware of the importance of purchasing in the enforcement of labor standards at suppliers.


The two flag-ship training courses on human rights & labor standards have been specifically developed for purchasing and serve to combine sustainability with purchasing and to exploit the potential of purchasing in improving labor standards.


Interested in demo?

Get in touch by clicking the button below to receive a 1-day-pass to the course.

This way you can judge if the course is the right one for your buying teams.

The course is available on mobile as well. :)

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