Human Rights &
Labor Standards

Expert Training for Procurement Managers

Through this training, you allow buyers to develop their full potential by confidently communicating key points in the Code of Conduct to suppliers and by being able to react appropriately to violations of human rights and labor standards.

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Comply with training requirements

The German Supply Chain Act requires companies to train "relevant departments".

We provide companies and participants with a training certificate upon completion, which they can add to the yearly reporting for the German Supply Chain Act.


  • Build necessary skills and knowledge, so that buyers can confidently negotiate codes of conducts with the supplier


  • Create clear expectations towards the supplier around human rights and labor standards

  • React appropriately to violations in human rights and labor standards

  • Incorporate topics, such as labor standards into supplier discussions

Course Features


Expert Support

Available in English and German

Learn on the go

What this training is all about

The training is a blended learning between our ETIKA Learning Platform and 3 LIVE Individual Workshops, complemented by case studies and practical examples through the Workbook.

3 live 2 hour workshops

5 modules on the ETIKA platform

Practical Workbook

Price: 350 EUR excl. VAT per participant

Topics we cover

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In the training, we cover the main labor standards:

  • No Child & Forced Labor

  • Fair Wages & Decent Working Hours

  • Equal Treatment

  • Freedom of Association & Right to Collective Bargaining

We explain what the terms mean, what international requirements expect and how suppliers can implement them.

Interested in a demo of the training?

Receive a 1-day-pass to the learning platform.

This way, you can see for yourself if the training is the right one for your buying department.

How this training came to life

Working for more than 9 years improving labor standards within supply chains of different companies and moderating over 50 CSR purchasing workshops, I noticed that buyers send out codes of conducts to their suppliers on a regular basis without really knowing much about the content.

Basically sending out a document that nobody really reads.

Buyers are not always trained enough to communicate principles, such as child or forced labor to suppliers and that they are often still not equipped to address labor rights or human rights violations with confidence.

This observation plus the new German Supply Chain Act, led to the creation of this training.  I am convinced that through a more conscious and equipped buying team, we can achieve small, yet powerful improvements.

I am excited to see more empowered and self-sufficient buying teams and am convinced this will have a positive impact on working conditions and the respect for human rights at the supplier level.