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Our CSR Trainings & Workshops

At Etika, we believe strongly in the power of capacity building.


Therefore, we focus our work around training individuals and buying teams in human rights & labor standards.

The purchasing department has a great influence on the supplier and therefore also on working conditions and the respect of human rights.


Strengthening the purchasing department by equipping them with knowledge and skills is therefore a logical step on the way to improving labor standards and respecting human rights.

Human Rights & Labor Standards- Expert Training for Procurement Managers

By going through our training, buyers will be empowered to play the crucial role they have in protecting human and labor rights. No more sending out the code of conduct requirements, without knowing exactly what the requirements entail. Neither not knowing how to respond appropriately in the event of violations. 

We provide the purchasing teams with the necessary knowledge and skills they need to effectively pass on human and labor rights requirements to suppliers as well as empower them to react appropriately in the event of violations. 

Get started with the German Due Diligence Law: 4-weeks-Workshop for SMEs

SME are often overwhelmed by the increasing requirements resulting from the German Human Rights Due Diligence Act.  Our 4-week-long training that consists of online-workshops plus homework and expert feedback allows companies to build the basic risk management system that is required from the law and clients.

We offer a template for a risk management manual that we will fill in throughout the training, that can kick-start the human rights process within companies plus create a document that can be forwarded to clients as proof of action.

"Dear Federica, thank you for this great training. It was very exciting and engaging up to the very last minute and we learned, practiced and discussed a lot. Very valuable input for our future audit practice."

Sarah Kruner, Process Development Supplier Quality at STIHL

"Thank you very much for the successful Online-Workshop for our members of the German Association of Quality e.V. Especially the concrete and practical approach to sustainability was very valuable for the participants."

Torsten Laub, Head of Hamburg Office at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität (DGQ)

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