CSR Consultant, Hamburg, Germany

CSR Consulting

Sustainability can feel overwhelming. Where should companies start? Where to stop? What measures should they take?
We support companies in finding their own way in sustainability by co-designing CSR strategies or co-developing individual tools and trainings.
We can support with these topics:

  • CSR Strategy

  • Human Rights Due Diligence

  • Certifications & Social Audits

  • CSR Communications

Human Rights Due Diligence

We guide our clients through the different steps of the human rights due diligence process.

We support our clients to build up a risk management system by identifying human rights and environmental risks and coming up with the most effective measures.

Our projects are mostly characterized by workshops, where we co-create strategies, desktop work (research, data collection, analyzing data) and brainstorming sessions.

"What I value a lot is that Federica brings in her experience and impulses that she gathered from different projects she was involved in. That is very enriching. For me as a sustainability she is decreasing my workload considerably. ETIKA provides great preparation for our internal brainstorming-sessions where we decide the next steps of the projects. With this preparation and the professional moderation of our internal meetings, we are able to achieve solid results quickly."

Kristine David, Head of Sustainable Supply Chains