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CSR Code of Conduct Course: Handling the CoC with confidence

This blended learning course equips buyers with the necessary knowledge and skills about the content of the CoC and how to handle the CoC in practice.

The CoC will rise from a simple document that buyers are unsure about to a living document that is strongly integrated in the purchasing processes.

Organizations will be able to position themselves as a leader in the human rights field while improving labor standards in their supply chains.

Self paced online Code of Conduct Course

Benefits of the CoC-Course

For buyers:

  • More confidence in communicating the principles to suppliers

For CSR-managers:

  • More cooperation from buying on CSR

  • Responsibility for sustainability is spread on more shoulders

For companies as a whole:

  • Compliance with human rights legislation (e.g. German Supply Chain Act)

  • Raise awareness within employees' mindset

Who the CoC-Course is for

The course is designed for buyers, so that they can obtain the necessary foundations of labor and human rights.

Buyers play a central role in implementing the CoC-principles at the suppliers. Yet, if they don't feel sure about what the principle mean, how can their potential be used?

This is what this course is for.


Details on the CoC-Course

Course Fee: 325 EUR per learner*

*Fee includes a 24-pages workbook with a summary of all important concepts and terms

Course Length: The course is a self-paced course and takes 8 hours to complete.

For more details, check our Q&A section here:

The Trainers

The trainers combine more than 30 years of experience in CSR. They have designed the course using practical cases from their audit experience and have used a known instructional design model to create the course.

Federica Suess

Federica has been supporting companies on their CSR-journey for 10 years. She has designed and conducted multiple trainings for the SGS Academy in Hamburg. In total, she has trained more than 200 participants on CSR-topics. She is a social auditor and has audited factories in Germany and abroad. She is also a consultant helping SME to tackle the complex and sometimes abstract topic of sustainability.
Federica Suess, Etika Founder, CSR Consultant

Veronica Rubio

Veronica Rubio, Etika facilitator
Veronica is a lawyer and human rights expert with more than 20 years of experience in CSR. She has trained hundreds of auditors and company representatives in CSR-topics. She was a central person in developing the current amfori BSCI code of conduct that more than 10.000 companies worldwide use. She was the Director of Social Certification and Trade at Fairtrade International, the Director of Proterra and is currently next to her role at ETIKA Secretary General of the Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS).

"I did the CoC-Course and was amazed! It’s practical, personal & professional. I will recommend it to my customers!"

Ose Nielsen, Founder Sustainable Roots

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