CSR Code of Conduct Course: Making the principles of codes of conducts come to life

This pre-made online course equips buyers, quality and junior CSR-managers with the necessary knowledge about code of conduct principles. After this course, participants will be able to describe and communicate the principles of codes of conduct with confidence and competence to suppliers and colleagues.

Self paced online Code of Conduct Course

Details on the Course

 325 EUR per learner


  • 5 online self-paced modules on the principles of "no child labor", "no forced labor", "no discrimination", "freedom of association & right of collective bargaining" and "fair renumeration & decent working hours"

  • An expert trainer that facilitates the training by answering your questions and giving you feedback on exercises you will do during the course

  • A workbook that includes all key terms and concepts of the course

The course takes 5 days to complete. Every day, a new module becomes available. Each module takes around 45 minutes to complete and therefore also integrates well into busy schedules. 

The Trainers

The trainers have vast experience in creating sustainable supply chains. In the course the trainers use a proven instructional design model. The practical cases used in the course are taken from the audit experience of the trainers.

Federica Suess

Federica Suess, Etika Founder, CSR Consultant
Federica has been supporting companies on their CSR-journey for 10 years. She has designed and conducted multiple trainings for the SGS Academy in Hamburg. In total, she has trained more than 200 participants on CSR-topics. She is a social auditor and has audited factories in Germany and abroad.

Veronica Rubio

Veronica Rubio, Etika facilitator
Veronica is a lawyer and human rights expert with more than 20 years of experience in the CSR-arena. She has trained hundreds of auditors and company representatives in CSR-topics. She was a central person in developing the current amfori BSCI code of conduct that more than 10.000 companies worldwide use.