About us

ETIKA was born out of the desire to offer practical approaches for sustainability challenges. ETIKA was started in January 2021 by Veronica Rubio and Federica Suess. Since then, ETIKA was trusted with many consulting projects and workshops.

ETIKA is also started CSR-Weekly in 2021, which are weekly live-sessions, where professionals come together and share, exchange, discuss, grow and learn from each other.

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Federica Suess

Federica works in corporate sustainability since 2011. She started as a sustainability manager at DEPOT in Frankfurt and then moved to Hamburg, to work for the certification and audit company SGS.

She is a social auditor, has trained more than 200 professionals and has led over 50 consulting projects.

Federica has a German dad and an Italian mother and has lived in Spain and the United States. She is a former tennis athlete and lives with her family in Hamburg, Germany.

She is passionate about finding creative and practical solutions that make an impact.


Veronica Rubio

Veronica has 20 years of experience in promoting sustainable supply chains, business and human rights and small farmers’ access to the international fair-trade markets.

She has trained hundreds of CSR managers and social auditors worldwide. She has solid experience in developing certification standards and Code of Conducts.

Veronica supports ETIKA especially with her deep expertise in labor and human rights.

Veronica is a Spanish native, has lived many years in Brazil and now lives in Brussels.